Vision Systems (Products) (en)

Soft Vision is our flexible control and positioning system for most applications. This is our selection of our standard products.

SoftVision® Format Control
Vision system for control of size/shape, for example in a warehouse...
SoftVision® Pallkontroll
Vision system for control of wood, metal and plastic pallets in...
SoftVision® Positioning
Vision system for positioning of AGV (automated guided vehicles).
SoftVision® Thermo
Vision system for measurements of temperature differences in...
SoftVision® Profile
3D vision systems for profile control with resolution of 0.01 mm or...
SoftVision® Print
Vision system for quality inspection of printed text, images and...
SoftVision® Measure
Vision system for verification and measurement of diameter,...
SoftVision® Surface
High quality vision system for inspection of all types of surfaces.
SoftVision® Locate, Vision System
Vision system for positioning of 2 - 6 axle robot systems.