Soft Design has implemented many projects with companies in different industries and countries.
We have many recurring customers which means that the cooperation, understanding and fellowship with our clients works very well.

These references are our most recent and a mixture of functions, industries and countries.

 All our references are not yet translated to English for the moment. 

AGVs for transport of pallets from warehouse to loading dock.
Shell, Chester, United Kingdom.15 AGVs for transporting pallets of oil products between production and warehouse areas.
IKEA, Bigso, Litauen. 2 AGVs with conveyors for transportations between production and packaging machines.
AstraZeneca, Södertälje. 12 AGVs for transportation between different production areas.
AstraTech, Mölndal, Sweden.SoftVision™ systems for product inspection, welding inspection and fixed and dynamic pressure control.
British Aerospace, Blackburn, England. Big special AGV for transportation of air plane parts in and out of ovens.
Arla, London, England. Small AGVs for transportation of double trolleys. (Milk trolleys)
Logoplaste, Coleford, England. 8 AGVs for stacking large boxes in warehouse up to 6 meters.
Kährs, Nybro, Sweden.Multiple SoftVision™ systems in sawmill and in the manufacturing of parquet floor.
Volvo, Hallsberg. Processing cell for welding of different vehicle cabins.


BMW, Birmingham, United Kingdom.Expansion and modernization of BMWs 150 AGVs.
Tempur, Aarup, Denmark.SoftVision™ systems in three different lines in production of Tempur mattresses.      
Infineon, Regensburg, Germany. 2 mini CX AGVs for transportation of electronic components between different production areas and elevators. 
Caterpillar, Shanghai, China.4 heavyweight AGVs for transportation of 50 tons diesel engines.
Trioplast, Smålandstenar, Sweden.5 AGVs in automated warehouse with 10 000 pallets.
Arla, Kalmar, Sweden.SoftVision™ system for control and inspection of surface and vacuum packaging of cheese. 
LG Display, Seoul, South Korea.4 different AGV systems for transporting glass panels and other pieces in display manufacturing.
Fresenius Kabi, Halden, Norway.3 AGVs for transportation of pharmaceutical products.
Weland, Smålandsstenar, Sweden.Automated warehouse system with 10'000 pallet locations including warehouse system for metal plate stacking.
Owens Corning (OCV), Chambery, France.4 AGVs for transportation of fiberglass in production.   
Sandvik, Västberga, (Gimo), Sweden.MAX AGV system for transportation between different stations and AGV warehouse.
Duun, Trondheim, Norway.MAX system for combined warehouse and welding cell operation.
Outokumpu, Degerfors, SwedenCrane warehouse system for stacking metal plates up to 8 x 3 meters.
Kimberly Clark, Gravesend, United Kingdom.4 AGVs for transportation of big papper rolls.
Transports of EU-pallets inside of freezer room with mobile pallet racks.
Transportation of copper wire with a 6 tons counterbalance AGV.
7 AGVs, FX20, for transportation of paper rolls.
14 AGVs for transportation of pallets in warehouse and to washing equipment.
Transport of abrasive tools in production.